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Remote work is getting more important by the day. Maintain solid communication with Cloud Meeting, a cloud-based meeting solution that works on both desktop and mobile devices, and is integrated with a series of intelligent collaboration terminals.

Initiate remote communication anytime, anywhere, with anybody, globally. Get started, stay connected.

Cloud Meeting
All-Scenario Intelligent Collaboration
Initiate meetings anytime, anywhere
Implement intelligent, collaborative office anytime, anywhere, using any mobile phone, computer or tablet, and with anybody, globally.
Cloud Meeting
End-to-End Security
Security First Approach
Cloud Meeting protects your meetings from end to end. The cloud, the transmission and device access are all encrypted.

The service uses AES256 encryption algorithm, tenant data isolation, user-defined meeting passwords, meeting locking and meeting watermarks to protect your data assets.
Cloud Meeting
Smooth, Stable & Ultra-HD
Ultra High Definition, Even on Low Bandwidth
Cloud Meeting offers 4K ultra-HD data meetings and 1080p HD video meeting, supporting up to 1,000 participants, even at low bandwidth.

Runs at ultra-low latency (200 ms), with anti-jittering, video de-noising and background brightening.
Cloud Meeting
Smart & Simple Control
A variety of smart controls in your hands
Utilize available smart meeting controls such as initiating, scheduling, setting up reminders and participant management.

Also comes with meeting locks, AI-based continuous presence, broadcasts, roll calls, host transfers, voice to meeting minutes conversion and real-time translation.
Cloud Meeting
Automatic Meeting Enhancing Features
Work Smart, Look Good
Cloud Meeting comes with smart meeting enhancing capabilities, which includes face beautification, background blurring, acoustic baffle, custom sound pickup area, feedback detection and suppression.
Cloud Meeting
Flexible Upgrades
Start basic, upgrade anytime
Our plans are flexible. Scale and upgrade according to your business's growth. Commit only when you absolutely need to.

Ready, Get Set, Go!

Take your first step and take advantage of the free service tiers available to you today.