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Robust and flexible product catalog designed to streamline and enhance your merchandising needs. Effortlessly manage and display your extensive range of products while providing an intuitive browsing experience for your customers.

With unlimited products and an unlimited tier for product categories, brands, add-ons, attributes and options, you can expand your offerings without restrictions, allowing you to cater to diverse customer demands and scale your business with ease. Leverage on our built-in intelligent system auto-resize feature, ensuring that your product images look perfect every time, captivating your audience and boosting conversions.

Use the product catalog as a standalone feature, or mix and match with other features such as voucher and member groups for extended functionality such as multiple tier product pricing, and discounts.

Unlimited Options & Attributes
Drive more sales with strategically designed product options
Design your perfect product by using the built-in capability to create extensive arrays of customizable product options and attributes. Easily create and manage attributes such as colors, sizes, materials, and any other fitting attribute.

Every option can be customized with its own collection of images, SKU number, stock level, physical size dimensions, and pricing details.
Unlimited Categories
Improve product searchability with streamlined offerings
Product categories simplifies navigation of your product catalog, making it much easier for customers to find the product they are looking for.

Logically structured product categorization captures your customers' attention and encourage them to explore your entire product range. Increased engagement translates into longer time spent on your site and a higher likelihood of conversions.
Unlimited Brands
Associate products with brands for recognition and trust
A reputable and recognizable brands enhances credibility in the eyes of your customers. A strong brand name evokes trust, leading to a much shorter consideration time for a purchase.

Use brands to differentiate and position some products of your catalog to appeal to specific customer segments, helping you cater to diverse audiences effectively.

Suitable use cases include brand differentiation for collections, customer categories, and even market locations.
Unlimited Add-Ons
Enable customers to craft the product they purchase
Leveraging on product add-ons opens up huge opportunities for upselling and cross-selling. The modern customer appreciates the option for customization and personalization of products they purchase.

Flexible configurations allow you to create add-on templates to be used across categories, brands, products and product options. Decide whether to offer your add-ons as paid or free, depending on what is suitable for your offering.

Add-ons can be used for warranty options, gift wrapping, personalization, and so much more.
Stocks & Inventory Management
Tightly integrated product stock movement and levels
Easily manage and track stock levels of products offered.

Coupled with order checkout capability, stocks are programmatically held, deducted, or released based on the status of an order.

Save precious time for the fulfillment operations team and reduce human error when working on the reconciliation of inventory.

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