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A seamless order checkout process is critical in guiding customers from browsing to successfully making purchases. Our intuitive one-page checkout experience and optimised user interface is meticulously designed to reduce cart abandonment, speed up payment, and increase sales conversions.

Drive conversions with creative sales strategies using tightly integrated features in checkout, including public vouchers, multiple shipping options, instant customer sign-up, credit payments, and many more. Further enhance the checkout journey with fulfilment automation for minimal manual intervention on shipments and also real-time tracking for deliveries, bringing your website's pre-sales, sales, and post-sales game to the next level.

Unlimited Orders
Order processing workflow that you fully control
With our fully optimized single-page checkout process, customers can swiftly place an order and pay within 2 minutes. Idle and abandoned carts can be easily recovered even if the customer is not logged in, and customers can resume their order process right from where they left out.

From the back office, administrators can effortlessly oversee and manage the entire order lifecycle, from order placement to fulfillment, from a centralized order management console. Customers receive notification whenever the status of the order is updated.
Secured Payments
A seamless payment journey is the key to conversion
Securely receive payments from customers using credit cards, bank e-payment channels and e-wallets.

Accept payments with the payment gateway of your choice that works best for your target customers. Readily integrated with the most common providers including Stripe, Paynet FPX, iPay88, eGHL, KiplePay and many more.
Enable credit balances for order payments
Through payments and credit notes, credit balances can be made available to your customers, providing them an additional method they can use for purchases.

Credits can be also be used as a reward system that encourages a customer to make repeat purchases. Some interesting marketing strategies include awarding credits upon referring a customer or upon a purchase, making their first order on the site, or even for payouts derived from customer purchases who are referred by an affiliate.
Enable customers to pay in their local currency
Empower your customers to shop and make payments in their local currency, increasing trust and convenience in their purchasing journey.

Currencies can be configured in a variety of ways, including decimal and rounding rules, thousand separator display, currency code, and many others. Even custom currencies such as BV or cryptocurrencies can be setup for price display and order purposes.
Easy setup for local & regional tax for compliance
Simplify the process of setting up tax codes that are compliant with the ever-evolving tax landscape. Seamlessly calculate accurate taxes for each transaction, based on both customer and merchant locations.

Comes with the option to setup multiple tax items in a single order, with calculations reflected clearly in orders and invoices.
Shipping & Delivery
Manage order delivery options with flexibility
Order fulfillment is the very first step to creating a positive post-purchase experience. Built for flexibility, you can easily setup and manage order fulfillment such as shipping options, shipping rates, and delivery tracking. This capability allows for multiple shipping options that can be made available for orders based on shopping cart weight, price and custom-defined regions.

When powered up with delivery automation, automated shipment pick up arrangements, real-time order tracking and status updates enable you to keep customers informed and engaged throughout the order fulfillment journey with minimal manual intervention. Notify customer via email, or upgrade to include SMS and popular chat apps.

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