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The world is home to a highly diverse community. The success of an eCommerce business's international reach is defined by the readiness to engage customers locally. By offering localized products and services to a global audience, your business taps into new markets and reach customers beyond current domestic borders with a strong cultural grasp.

Fully leverage on ready internationalization tools to transform your website into a business platform that serves multiple regions, catering to both local languages and currencies.

Serve a broader spectrum of customers through regional languages
Seamlessly connect with global audiences by offering content in multiple languages, enhancing accessibility and engagement.

Dynamically manage translations for pages and content, with the option to predetermine a primary language for regions made available to the site.
Increase customer trust by enabling payments in their local currency
Remove the friction associated with currency conversions when it comes to product pricing and order payments. Allowing customers to use their preferred native currency fosters trust and transparency, increasing the likelihood of conversions.

By determining the primary currency, exchange rates for other currencies can be preset against the primary currency. This allows product prices to be defined only once with the primary currency.

The currency feature can be used together with automated currency exchange rate sync feature.
Tap into regional markets with localized offerings
Take advantage of the ability to offer localized products based on geographical locations, streamlining the buying journey in accordance to local culture, product stock availability and also compliance requirements.

Offer tailored content, currencies, and even shipping options based on both customers' locations and the strategic direction of your business.

Activating the geolocation detection feature enables your website to present the most relevant regional webpage to visitors. All in all, one NagaCloud eCommerce store is all you need to serve the global market.

Ready, Get Set, Go!

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