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Business operations automation is the foundation of scaling up your eCommerce business. An exponentially growing business requires performing demanding operations efficiently and with minimal error. Hence, the ability of your business to handle critical operations at scale, including engaging customers and fulfilling orders, will determine the sustainability of the growth in sales.

Through proper deployment of automation for various aspects of your business, from order processing and inventory management to customer communication and marketing campaigns, all when are well-integrated into your core business processes, your eCommerce business will achieve stable and continual growth backed by strong operational support.

Business Automation
Customer Engagement
Systematically nurture visitors into customers & advocates
Effective marketing funnels drives large numbers of visitors to the website. From discovery to consideration and then conversion, timely and relevant interaction with the customer throughout their purchase lifecycle journey is absolutely important. By automating customer engagement, customers can be nurtured to make their first and repeat purchases.

Choose from a vast number of customer engagement automation options, including registration welcome emails, customer on-boarding and activation engagement, products in wishlist on-sale and in-stock notifications, abandoned cart recovery engagement, purchase prediction discount campaigns, and many more.
Business Automation
Order Fulfilment
Automate order fulfillment for high operational efficiency
Fulfilling a large number of orders manually is an extremely intensive operation. At scale, moving orders from pick and pack to last mile delivery demands efficiency and accuracy. Automation of order fulfillment empowers your operations team to efficiently manage inventory, automate shipping processes, and provide customers with accurate and timely updates on their orders.

This capability comes with automated shipment pick up arrangements, real-time order tracking and status updates that keeps customers informed and engaged throughout the order fulfillment journey with minimal manual intervention. Customers are notified as the order fulfillment progresses.
Business Automation
Currency Exchange Rate Sync
Reliably automate updates of currency conversion rates
Handling multiple currencies is no small feat. Automating the daily synchronization of currency exchange rates ensures that your product prices and conversions are always accurate, providing customers with reliable and up-to-date pricing information. Manual adjustments are minimized, reducing the risk of errors and inconsistencies.

When required, margins of safety can be added the synced currency exchange rates to offset bank fees and exchange costs, providing a buffer for managing the real cost of currency conversions.
Business Automation
Geolocation Detection
Determine customer's geographic location to provide tailored experience
Activate geolocation detection to redirect customers to webpages that are relevant to the specific region of each visitor, presenting localized content, product pricing, currencies, offers, and more.

NagaCloud geolocation databases are constantly being updated to provide the most accurate location result of a visitor of your eCommerce website. Reliably integrated with multi-country feature, and works extremely well with customer engagement automation feature.
Business Automation
Accounting Integration
Ease accounting workload & maintain financial integrity
Connect your eCommerce operations to your preferred accounting software. Integrates sales orders, payments, credit notes, and other financial data to streamline financial processes for accurate and up-to-date records, automating bookkeeping tasks and facilitating financial reconciliation.

Integration with Xero Accounting, Bukku, and Bizstory, are available upon request.

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