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Repeat purchases and a high customer lifetime value is a powerful indicator of strong and predictable eCommerce business growth. NagaCloud has a built-in, highly customizable reward engine that enables reward triggers by time, by order progress, and even by customer registration. Rewards can be in the form of cash payouts, credits, member tier promotion, voucher codes and more.

Explore a whole world of possibilities with voucher codes, loyalty points, member tiers, affiliate and referral rewards, and design a program that best suit your business.

Customer Rewards
Unlimited Vouchers
Reward loyal customers, entice new ones
Easily generate and distribute digital voucher codes, unlocking a whole dimension of promotional opportunities that drive customer engagement and boost sales.

Tailor promotions based on customer behaviors and preferences. Comes with highly customizable options to configure validity periods, eligibility requirements based on member groups, product categories, product brands and much more.
Customer Rewards
Loyalty Points
Tried-and-true strategy for increasing customer lifetime value
Enable customers to accumulate points with every purchase. Loyalty points strongly motivate customers to make repeat purchases.

Loyalty points accumulated are redeemed as vouchers for future purchases on the website. Preset the accumulation point value for each transaction, and define the value of every point. A well-designed loyalty reward program can significantly improve customer retention.
Customer Rewards
Affiliates & Referrals
Your customer base is your largest marketing team
Leverage the influence of satisfied customers and partners. Affiliate and referral programs establish a mutually beneficial relationship that encourages customers to refer friends, family, or colleagues to your platform.

Successful referral and affiliate sales can be rewarded through cash payouts, account credits, and even vouchers. When used with member groups, affiliates can be promoted to different member tiers where special pricing and privileges can be made available to them. Mix and match incentives to discover the best formula for your business.

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