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Our linux hosting plans are suitable for a large spectrum of website requirements. We understand that resource usages usually commensurate with actual business activity volume, so take advantage of our flexible upgrade plans!

Located in established data centers and managed by dependable tech engineers behind the scenes, you can trust on our servers to provide you optimum performance and value.

Shared Hosting
Built for SMEs
All of the essentials, none of the bloat
Comes with the most commonly needed capabilities for general purpose web hosting. Includes file manager, database manager, email and FTP accounts management and usage statistics.
Shared Hosting
Unlimited Email Accounts
No more worries on email account user limits
Create and manage any number of user@yourcompany.com email accounts as needed. Comes with POP3, IMAP and SMTP support. Secured with TLS if required.
Shared Hosting
Unlimited FTP Accounts
Unchain your developers with unlimited FTP users allowed
Create and manage any number of FTP accounts as needed. Configure directory access and usage quota as required.
Shared Hosting
All-Purpose Web Hosting
No frills, general purpose hosting
Recommended for websites, e-Commerce and web applications.

All plans inherit high infrastructure security standards, high performance bandwidth and works with most Open Source frameworks and CMS's like Wordpress and Magento.
Shared Hosting
Flexible Upgrades
Start basic, upgrade anytime
Our hosting plans are flexible. Scale and upgrade according to your business's growth. Commit only when you absolutely need to.
Shared Hosting
Power Ups Available
Sophisticated add-ons for growing SMEs
Enhance your hosting with a more comprehensive setup as your business grows. Add-ons include dedicated IP addresses, wildcard SSL certificates, separation of web hosting and email hosting, web security and managed data backup.

Ready, Get Set, Go!

Take your first step and take advantage of the free service tiers available to you today.