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Our DNS Hosting plans are built on powerful cloud infrastructure, providing stability, high uptime and great performance. Our DNS network serves over 100mil queries a month, through 32 Anycast DNS locations, supporting DNS traffic of all kinds of applications.

Join thousands of businesses who use NagaCloud DNS Hosting. Start simple, start free.

DNS Hosting
Enterprise-Grade Cloud
Utilize high performance cloud infrastructure
Built on a network of 32 Anycast DNS regional data centers, NagaCloud DNS provides stable, reliable uptime and high performance.
DNS Hosting
Unlimited DNS Queries
No limit to the number of DNS queries required
Create and manage DNS records your application needs. Supports web A, CNAME records, mail MX records, nameserver NS records, site verification TXT records and many more.
DNS Hosting
Fully Managed Service
Leverage on our team of DNS specialists
Businesses spend valuable time making important commercial decisions daily. Tech management, which can be time consuming, does not have to be one of it.

Let us manage the complexity of cloud technology, so you are free to manage the business.
DNS Hosting
Flexible Upgrades
Start basic, upgrade anytime
Our DNS hosting plans are flexible. Scale and upgrade according to your business's growth. Commit only when you absolutely need to.

Ready, Get Set, Go!

Take your first step and take advantage of the free service tiers available to you today.