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Cloud computing does not have to be complicated. Our cloud hosting plans come with easy-to-understand flavors that mix and match practical configurations between CPU, memory, and disk space. Our plans support anywhere from light-load applications to high availability and computing, network, memory or graphic intensive requirements.

Depending on your expected user base, you can choose between deploying to our nearest available regions - Singapore and Hong Kong. Choose between network traffic and dedicated bandwidth.

Start simple, and let our back office team of cloud specialist support and manage your machine.

Cloud Hosting
Enterprise-Grade Cloud
Utilize high performance cloud infrastructure
Built with cutting-edge hardware and virtualization technology.

All virtual network functions are offloaded to intelligent NICs, offering 40 Gbps network bandwidth, effectively reducing network latency by up to 5x.
Cloud Hosting
Decide, deploy, utilize
Our plans are pre-configured with the necessary server operating system, server software, security setup, virtual network assignment and essential tools for web applications such as SSH, FTP, MySQL.
Cloud Hosting
Fully Managed Service
Leverage on our team of cloud specialists
Businesses spend valuable time making important commercial decisions daily. Cloud management, which can be time consuming, does not have to be one of it.

Let us manage the complexity of cloud technology, so you are free to manage the business.
Cloud Hosting
Flexible Upgrades
Start basic, upgrade anytime
Our cloud hosting plans are flexible. Scale and upgrade according to your business's growth. Commit only when you absolutely need to.
Cloud Hosting
Power Ups Available
Sophisticated add-ons for growing SMEs
Enhance your hosting with a more comprehensive setup as your business grows. Add-ons include dedicated IP addresses, wildcard SSL certificates, separation of web hosting and email hosting, hybrid cloud deployments, web security and managed data backup.

Ready, Get Set, Go!

Take your first step and take advantage of the free service tiers available to you today.